Cetrex consultants specializes in the following fields:

  1. Electrical

    Cetrex are Value added reseller for Dongfang Electronics Infromation Industry Co.Ltd. Dongfang products fall into three fields: power automation & other automation, information, intelligent communication power supply & wireless communication products and auto parts, totaling more than 300 kinks. The main products, i.e.power dispatch automation system and RTU, share 30% of District-level Dispatch Center and 30% in County-level Dispatch Center.

    On demand Cetrex KB with staff also provides technical consulting in several different fields concerning Donfangs product line.

  2. Computer Application

    Cetrex constructs, maintain and updates business to business webpages with interactive contents. Building database driven application using Linux and Php as development platform Cetrex KB deliver stable and reliable information systems. Working with a stringent functional design Cetrex assures your company a Nordic design that will bring out your company in the media roar.




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